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There are some amazing companies that focus on not creating unnecessary waste. Their example is an inspiration to DEkADENCE to do the same. The leader of this pack, for me, is Patagonia: they recycles clothing! Yes, if some article of clothing has reached its end for you, you can send it to them to have it recycled (Patagonia Recycle Program).

One of the ways DEkADENCE limits creating unnecessary waste is the bottle we choose to house our all-purpose cleaning product. It’s made in the USA, which is as local as we could manage, though we’d prefer closer to our home operation in Mississippi. We chose this bottle and spray nozzle because of its durability. In the years I’ve been cleaning, I’ve discovered some spray nozzles and bottles that don’t last very long. Needless to say, once they’re broken, they’re only good for the garbage. You don’t need me to point out that we have more than enough plastic waste. By choosing this bottle and spray nozzle, we are providing a product that will last a long time while being used either extensively in your cleaning company, or moderately in your personal residence or office.

In addition to all this goodness, you can refill your container at our local community partner, The Beacon, in the Fondren District of Jackson.

DEkADENCE offers an opportunity to our clients and friends to be part of something good: buying something that will last and be cost-effective. It’s simply beautiful! Enjoy!!

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Healthway Nutrition Center

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McClain Resort

874 Holly Bush Road Brandon, MS 39047

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We want to celebrate and explore with you two loves: As cleaning professional, providing our children with miraculous childhood and Providing our clients with an impeccable service using our all-natural cleaning product.

We offer cleaning services for homes, schools, churches, office buildings, and more. Proudly serving the Jackson metropolitan area. Call for a free estimate, or ask about our all-natural cleaning products!

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