Two for One Sale on DEkADENCE Eucalyptus

Our all-natural, all-purpose cleaning product DEkADENCE Eucalyptus hasn’t gotten old after 10 years of using it professionally. If only I could share with you its incredibly pleasant aroma through words, I would. Every client always comments on how wonderful it smells. Yes, it’s a strong claim, and it’s true. Now that you know you’ll love …

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Cleaning product helps with allergies

We’ve been using our DEkADENCE Eucalyptus for years in our clients’ homes and offices. We consistently receive feedback that prior to us cleaning for them, they would experience aggravated allergies from other cleaning products. One client, both husband and wife, had experienced “teary eyes”, yet, since having their homes cleaned by DEkADENCE, it’s a thing …

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Our Product Container

There are some amazing companies that focus on not creating unnecessary waste. Their example is an inspiration to DEkADENCE to do the same. The leader of this pack, for me, is Patagonia: they recycles clothing! Yes, if some article of clothing has reached its end for you, you can send it to them to have …

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Ideas travel

The idea of using eucalyptus in our cleaning product traveled here from Australia. One of DEkADENCE’S very first clients was an Australian who shared with me that Eucalyptus was commonly used to clean in Australia. As DEkADENCE aims to be as all-natural as possible, and I loved the scent of Eucalyptus, we adopted the approach. …

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Sustainable Cleaning: Our choice between paper towels and cloth

DEkADENCE LLC. has used cloth towels, instead of paper towels, since our beginning in 2009.  Why?  Because, our mission is to facilitate the enjoyment of beauty.  We find trees incredibly beautiful and enjoy their beauty immensely. “Every day over 3,000 tons of towel waste in produced in the US. alone. To make one ton of …

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All-Natural Auto Detailing

Have you ever read the ingredient list on your favorite auto detailing product? The ingredients are quite possibly not listed at all, and if they are, it may read like a chemistry textbook. If you’re interested in detailing the interior and exterior of your car with an all-natural, non-toxic product, you will find DEkADENCE Eucalyptus …

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What’s it like to work with DEkADENCE Cleaning Service?

It’s freeing.  You can trust that your home, office, new construction, or now listed real estate is in good hands.  You can be assured that your kitchen counters have been thoroughly cleaned, everything moved, and the base of your toilet and the surrounding floor has been cleaned.  The aroma of our cleaning product, DEkADENCE Eucalyptus …

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Community Partners

We are pleased to announce our latest news: you can now find our cleaning product, DEkADENCE Eucalyptus, at The Livingston Mercantile (Livingston, MS) and The Beacon Supply (The Fondren District of Jackson, MS). If you don’t already know of these two local businesses, you are in for a treat.