Eucalyptus Organic, All-purpose, All-natural, Aromatherapuetic Cleaning Concentrate (1 oz)


Organic, vegan, nontoxic, all natural, all-purpose cleaner concentrate. Proudly made in Mississippi, USA. Durable, child resistant dropper bottle container.


  1. All-purpose: works great on kitchens. It’s a powerful degreaser. Cleans bathrooms beautifully. Doesn’t leave film or residue on furniture. Doesn’t leave streaks on mirrors and glass. This cleaner gets rid of germs.
  2. Non Toxic: Organic, vegan, all natural. This is safe to use in your home, office, car, and more. There are no harmful substances in this concentrate.
  3. Incredible Value: Makes 10-30 L of all-purpose cleaning solution.
  4. Amber Glass bottle to best preserve concentrate. Durable dropper with ribbed skirt, child resistant, with rubber bulb, straight tip glass pipette.
  5. The aroma will benefit you! The aroma is incredible. Freshens the air. It’s uplifting, rejuvenating, and relaxing. You will enjoy the aroma while cleaning.

Our Story

In the first days of DEkADENCE, my start up with zero capital, I was knocking on doors with hand made business cards. A kind woman answered one door and after hearing my introduction, invited me in for tea. She and her friend had just said, right before I knocked on the door, that they both needed someone to help with their cleaning. These two dear ladies were the beginning of DEkADENCE, and more than just the service, one of them inspired my cleaning product we’ve been using for over 10 years now. This client was a native to Australia where she grew up cleaning with Eucalyptus oil. I’d shared that I was an all natural cleaning company, but I was learning even the all natural products available made me cough and didn’t smell too great. I began experimenting with Eucalyptus essential oils and eventually created my own recipe. The benefits of this cleaning product have been far reaching; it works great on everything. The aroma is by far my favorite part. The aroma makes me feel rejuvenated, relaxed and uplifted at the same time. Every client walks in and says, “Oh, it smells so good!”

Weight 3.6 oz