Scale Your Cleaning Business & Be More Present With Your Children

I am a global cleaning business consultant and coach helping Mommas scale their cleaning business so they can be more present with their children.

I help you ask the necessary questions to create a business that supports your specific life goals. 


In these live and recorded courses, I walk you through exactly what it takes to scale your business. These courses are engaging, result-oriented, and extremely practical.

Coaching & Consulting

Are you a driven Cleaning Business Owner Momma who wants to be more present with your children?

What if your cleaning business was a vehicle for you to truly care for yourself and be present with your children? 

With my 15 years of experience, I can support you with customized strategies and systems.

As we work 1-on-1, from anywhere in the world, we can face challenges together helping you achieve your specific goals. Get customized guidance for achievement in strategies and systems to scale your cleaning business while offering your best self in each area of life.


Join other Momma Cleaning Business Owners who bring their experience, creativity & sisterhood to help each other strategize towards goals in all areas of life. 

Do you ever feel like you’re working so hard and so many hours that you don’t see your family and when you do, you’re too exhausted, preoccupied, and/or  stressed to be truly present?

Do you ever feel like you’re working a dead-end job, watching your body rapidly age, knowing you won’t have income when you’re unable to work any longer? 

No matter your background, your current circumstances or your beliefs about this industry, I firmly believe it’s possible to scale your business so that you can be more present with your children.

Community Membership

“It takes collaboration across a community to develop better skills for better lives”
– Jose Angel Gurria

Empowering Momma Cleaning Business Owners to be more present with their children

Includes access to FB Community, “Professional Cleaning Collaborative” in which you can experience true support in every area of your life: womanhood, mommahood, business, community and more.

Mommahood can be a very solitary experience.

Business can be a very solitary experience.

Womanhood can be a very solitary experience.

What if we flipped the script?

What if we created a system to have connection and collaboration as Momma Cleaning Business Owners?

What is we had a community to share experiences and receive actual support? 

You know, when you need a professional to fill in when a team member is a no-show, when you need childcare, or any number of things life can present? 

We can enjoy the beauty of a Momma Business Owner Collaboration

I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot: together we can do great things. – Mother Teresa

My Full Story

I’ve been a Professional Cleaning business owner since 2009, I’ve experienced so much!

After completing my Bachelors degree, I proceeded to work various service industry jobs, completely turned off by the idea of the structure involved in a “professional” role. I was happy but worked so hard for so little. 

As I came to the realization that I wanted to work for myself, starting my own business, I was also leaving a  relationship with no financial resources. I mean none. When I reflected on what I was going to do for my livelihood, I knew I could clean. I took my business idea door-to-door and built relationships with my clients. 

Over the years, I’ve re-started the business 4 times, in 2 different states, in the US. I’ve worked with all kinds of people, team members and clients alike.

I’ve invested in personal and professional development nonstop. 

I’ve always believed that this service we offer, cleaning, is such honorable profession. Within this industry lies the opportunity to create the life you’re truly meant to live

My Values


For me, Love starts with our children-being our best self so that we can truly be present with them, being able to provide time and financial stability. 

If we can do this first, our communities are loved, not only in the short term, but in the long term as well.


“We can accomplish more for the common good together, than any one of us can do alone.”

-Benjamin Franklin

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